Charity appeals for help refurbishing rehabilitation facilities

A West Country charity is appealing for help in refurbishing facilities used to rehabilitate rescued horses.

HorseWorld in Whitchurch, Bristol rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes up to 100 abandoned, neglected and mistreated horses every year. Founded in 1952, the charity is now responsible for over 140 horses, ponies and donkeys at its Whitchurch site. The work of the charity is made possible by donations, on which HorseWorld is reliant.

“Our rehabilitation barn and turnout area around it is in a bad way” Said Husbandry Manager, Joanne Vaughan. “Many of the horses that are rescued cannot be shut in stables as they are relatively unhandled and will panic.  As herd animals, horses also tend to be happier and healthier when kept in groups and allowed to mingle with each other rather than kept individually. The rehab barn is an area where rescued horses can chill out and relax together. Most have come from backgrounds of neglect or mistreatment so need an area where they can choose to come in or go out as they wish and have some time out.

“The barn needs a lot of work. The relentless rain and storms last year took its toll on the old building. Outside the barn is an area that desperately needs concreting which we cannot afford to do. In the winter the fields can get very wet so an all-weather turnout area is a must so they can come off the muddy ground but not be cooped up in stables. This isn't the only area that needs attention though. The farm's fencing was originally all put in around the same time so it has now all seen better days.  Replacing fencing, refurbishing agricultural buildings and laying concrete can be an expensive business. With the rescued horses being kept over 180 acres, that's a lot of fencing that needs replacing! It can be hard to raise the funds for things like this but the benefits to the animals are endless.”

You can donate to HorseWorld’s appeal by texting RESQ52 and the amount you would like to donate e.g £3, £5, £10 etc to 70070. 

A Just Giving page for the barn refurbishment and fence replacement appeal can be found by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can call 01275 893020 to give a card donation over the phone or send a cheque to the address on our Contact page.

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 29th November 2014