A happy ending for abandoned horse

A horse rescued from abandonment whilst pregnant has now been rehomed thanks to equine rescue charity HorseWorld in Bristol.

Bronwyn arrived at HorseWorld  in February 2012 as part of a large group of horses which had been found illegally fly grazing in Wales. Like many of the mares rescued, Bronwyn was pregnant, and later that year, she gave birth to a little black filly which the charity named Jubilee.

HorseWorld’s grooms estimated Bronwyn’s age at 7 years, and they could tell she had not been handled very much. She had come into HorseWorld with an issue with her tooth that couldn’t be sorted until she had given birth. As her tooth was so uncomfortable, the grooms struggled to touch her chin or face, which meant she didn’t enjoy having a head collar on.

After giving birth to Jubilee, Bronwyn had her tooth removed, and after the grooms weaned her foal from her, she started her rehabilitation training to become a riding horse. Due to her discomfort with her missing tooth, the grooms decided to ride with her without a bit in her mouth and were amazed at Bronwyn’s laid back attitude towards it.

Soon Bronwyn was declared suitable for rehoming and was lucky enough to be rehomed to Amy Coles in June last year; “The second I met Bronwyn I knew she was perfect for me. Her laid back attitude meant a perfect partner for me, and we love spending time hacking across the countryside. I couldn’t have asked for a better horse and look forward to spending many more years with her”.

If you would like to rehome a horse from HorseWorld, please check the rehoming pages of this website.


Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 15th April 2014