Wiltshire based company Animal Friend's Insurance donate £20,000 to Bristol Charity HorseWorld

Animal Friends Insurance, one of the UK’s largest pet insurers, has decided to celebrate the Christmas festivities by making two huge donations totaling £20,000 to Bristol-based equine charity, HorseWorld Trust. 
Animal Friends have not only given the charity £20,000, they have in total given away a remarkable £70,000 donation to animal charities across the UK and internationally to ensure that the world’s less fortunate animals were not forgotten over the Christmas period. This was a new concept brought in by Managing Director Elaine Fairfax in the hope that the donations will assist with not just the immediate care of many rescued animals but also the long-term rehabilitation they require.
HorseWorld Trust has received a donation of £15,000 to construct an all-weather turnout facility. HorseWorld’s Director of Welfare Jerry Watkins said that “By providing an all-weather limited grazing turn-out facility animal Friends has assisted HorseWorld enormously in easing these seriously affected animals back to a healthy, normal life. This generous grant will provide a significant and long term benefit to the charity. We offer grateful thanks from all our supporters and staff. Particularly special thanks too from all of the horses who will benefit from the donation.”  
The donation came as HorseWorld Trust’s Rescue team come into their busiest period. Over recent months a number of charities in the region have been under pressure to deal with a high volume of rescues including a rescue of over 400 horses from one site near Bridgend, Wales.
As well as this enormous donation, Animal Friends Insurance also voted for HorseWorld Trust as their charity of the month in December. Throughout December the public could vote between two different HorseWorld projects. The outcome of this poll was that £4000 will be given directly to the welfare team to help with current rescues and £1000 will be given to help with Discovery courses.
Joanne Vaughan, Head of Husbandry at HorseWorld Trust has commented that, “We are so grateful and thankful to Animal Friends and particularly Elaine Fairfax for this incredible donation. This will help us to continue the vital work we do and will help to change the lives of many horses. Thank you so much.” 

Article by: Samantha Greatbanks

Posted on: 15th January 2014