The Goat Escape

Animal welfare charity HorseWorld Trust, based in Whitchurch, Bristol has a new resident. Gary the Goat who was found roaming around the centre of Bath will now be a permanent resident at HorseWorld’s visitor centre.

Escapee Gary was found roaming around Bath City centre, around 3 miles away from his field in Combe Down. He was taken into custody in the early hours of Saturday morning (Sat 31st August) and then brought to HorseWorld for temporary accommodation. It is believed that Gary, who is a rather intelligent goat, managed to get over the electric fence which was surrounding his field, with the help of another goat.

Owner at the time, Rachael explains that “Goats love to climb on each other; they use other herd members as a step-ladder to reach into the trees and high bushes. It is quite possible that Gary used another goat to aid his escape”.

Since spending time at HorseWorld Gary has become a favourite and has bonded well with Dominic the fire pig and our sheep. Dominic is used by the Avon Fire & rescue teams in animal handling training, and by Gary to reach apples in the orchard. Due to Gary’s sweet nature and his love of attention he has been allowed to meet the public at our Visitor centre.

Vicky Greenslade, Visitor Centre Yard Manager commented that, “We are pleased to announce that Gary will be a permanent resident from now on, as owner Rachael has decided that Gary will have a better home here at HorseWorld. Gary has already made a huge impact on all the staff and volunteers; it would have been a real shame to see him leave”. Gary’s, previous owner said, “I am happy for Gary to be part of such an incredible place, he gives the children so much pleasure it’s just lovely to see. I feel this way I am also giving something back to the local community”.

If you would like to come and visit Gary please do ring 01275 893029 on the day, as occasionally he returns to our Welfare Farm for a well-deserved rest.

Article by: Samantha Greatbanks

Posted on: 18th October 2013