Paralympic Dressage Rider Sculpture To Be Displayed At HorseWorld.

Bristol-based sculptor Ben Dearnley will be displaying his creation of the dressage hero during the exhibition which is taking place at the Equine Welfare Yard near Bristol from May 23rd to November 1st.

The exhibition show in aid of HorseWorld is organised by Antony Wilson who is sure Ben’s sculpture will capture the imagination of the public. Anthony said “We are very pleased to be able to show the alabaster sculpture by Bristol based creator Ben Dearnley, showing Dressage Champion, Lee Pearson. Whether a dressage enthusiast or a complete horse beginner this type of sculpture will undoubtedly impress”.

The sculpture is completely made from alabaster and was sculptured on Lee himself when he visited Ben’s workshop. The sculpture has two sides to it one showing Lee’s torso and the other a horse’s head.

The call to artists has had a great response with a pieces inspired by  prehistoric cave paintings and one commemorating the suffering of horses in the First World War, in media ranging from marble to recycled engine bits. 

Posted on: 23rd May 2010