Elderly horse Victor rescued from wasteground in poor condition

Victor being led away from the wasteground he was being kept on.Victor was rescued by Horseworld from Wales. He was being illegally grazed on a rough patch of grass at the back of an industrial ground and the charity’s Rescue Team worked closely with the Horse Warden at Cardiff Council to effect his release. Jessie Rushbrooke and Joanne Vaughan are members of HorseWorld’s Equine Welfare Team and were involved in the rescue and subsequent rehabilitation of Victor. Here they talk about what happened and how he has recovered.

“When we assessed the situation, we noticed that Victor had no food and was clearly losing condition. What also worried us was that he had no companionship, something that is very important for horses.

“He seemed very sweet natured and was easy to catch. On first impressions, he appeared very elderly and on a closer inspection, it appeared that he had problems with his teeth.

“Victor was clearly in a poor condition, he had the worst case of louse infestation that we had ever seen. Once Victor was back at HorseWorld he was given a full vet check and three courses of lice treatment. The vet confirmed that Victor had absolutely no top front teeth which made it very difficult for him to eat.

“Due to living on his own for so long, Victor was not used to routine, but he soon managed to fit in. He loves his food and gets on well with the all of the other animals. Now that he is back to full health, Victor is full of energy and is even a hit with the ladies. In fact, he developed a strong desire for one of our smaller ponies, Twinks and wouldn’t go anywhere without her. His obsession got a little too much when we noticed that his temperament changed. For the best, we decided to move him in with another group of ponies, and he now has a number of friends who keeps him in line! He is loving his new life at HorseWorld where he is guaranteed a happy and contented retirement and he has quickly found his way into the hearts of the grooms who care for him”.

Posted on: 26th April 2010