Meet Chance

Chance came to HorseWorld in 2010 as a yearling. He was part of a group of 36 very young and unhandled ponies that were extremely thin and emaciated. They were being kept with large cows who ate their tails and wouldn’t allow the ponies near any food. Thankfully, Chance received extensive care and rehabilitation once at HorseWorld to get him back to full health and became the loveable, friendly chap that he is today.

Chance is laminitic and is very sensitive to grass, so is best suited to live on a grass-free area such as a track system or all-weather turnout paddock. At HorseWorld, Chance lives in an all-weather turnout paddock and goes into a small, bare grass paddock for a couple of hours a day. His diet also needs to be carefully managed due to his laminitis. He is best suited to live with geldings only or dominant mares as he has been known to take a liking to mares in the past! He has been left alone in the past, so may make a suitable companion to a ridden pony if re-introduced slowly. Chance is a very sweet boy and is good to handle.

Chance can become slightly dominant around food if he feels pressured, but will happily share haynets with horses he gets along with. It is just best to spread any food nicely apart to avoid any problems.

Chance has been rehomed in the past but has sadly always returned to HorseWorld through no fault of his own, so we are looking to find him his forever home as a loving companion.

All about Chance

  • 31.07.09
  • Welsh Sec B
  • Male
  • Chestnut
  • 12.1hh
  • Non Ridden Companion
  • Available

Loan fee for Chance is £60