HorseWorld rescues neglected, mistreated and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, saving the lives of up to 100 animals every year.

Horses just like Buddy who came to HorseWorld in such an appalling condition it was a miracle he survived. He needed six blood transfusions and a drip before he could be lifted to his feet. For the first three weeks, he had to be lifted up every two hours day and night. He hasn't given up fighting for his young life and neither will we. There are many more like him that will continue to need our help.


Buddy has now been through the process of rescue, rehabilitation and now eventually has been rehomed. You can read more about his new home here.

HorseWorld also works closely with Emergency Services,Vets, Local Authorities and other equine welfare charities to implement the Safer Horse Rescues Protocol which ensures that horse-related incidents and road traffic accidents are dealt with in a way that protects the welfare of the animal involved. The mare pictured, rescued through a combined effort by HorseWorld, Fire Service, Police and a Vet made a full recovery.

To report an urgent case of animal neglect, cruelty or abandonment please call 01275 832067, or email the Equine Welfare Team.

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Buddy's Story