HorseWorld rescues neglected, mistreated and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, saving the lives of up to 100 animals every year.

We work alongside the police, fire and rescue services, vets and other charities to rescue horses, ponies and donkey's in the South West of England.

Horses that come into HorseWorld's care often need emergency care and we have vets on call 24 hours a day to assist with rescues. Our dedicated team of grooms work around the clock to save the lives of horses.

Once we rescue a horse and it has been nursed back to health we can begin rehabilitation work. Our training team work patiently with horses from all backgrounds, in most cases we don't know their history, so training begins with the smallest steps to gain the horses trust. Some horses go on to have wonderful ridden careers whereas others have psychological and physical problems, so they live a quiet life as a companion pony.

All the horses here have a story to tell, some have happy endings and some do not but all horses that come to HorseWorld for how ever long know what its like to feel real love and care.

To report an urgent case of animal neglect, cruelty or abandonment please call 01275 832067, or email the Equine Welfare Team.

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Duchess and Cinderella's Story

HorseWorld recieved a call requesting their assistance to rescue a mare and foal who were in a field of ragwort. The mare was agonisingly thin and the foal had very deformed hind limbs.

Once at HorseWorld the vets made a heartbreaking discovery. Most mares who were that underweight would not still be producing milk but, Duchess had been using her last remaining energy reserves to produce milk for her foal. What a wonderful mum!

Cinderella needed remedial shoes glued to her back hooves for several months to correct her deformities and Duchess had a careful weight-gain plan but the pair made full recoveries and are now both on loving forever homes!

Buddy's Story

Buddy was rescued after being found hours away from death in a field. It was thought that he had been abandoned by his owner after Buddy had gotten sick.

On arrival at HorseWorld Buddy needed 2 blood transfusions and around the clock care from our grooms just to survive. But Buddy was a fighter and he made an unbelievable recovery. He was soon strong enough to go and live in a field and play with other youngsters.

Buddy recovered so well that he was trained up as a ridden pony by our training and he now works on our Discovery team, teaching children from troubled backgrounds how to care for horses. Buddy has lots of love to give and he teaches the children that no matter how difficult a start you may have had, you can always have a bright future.

You can meet Buddy at our open days.

Minty's Story

Minty is one of the worst rescue cases HorseWorld has ever attended. She was found trapped and left to die under an abandoned trailer.

HorseWorld coordinated with Avon and Somerset Fire and Rescue department and B&W vets to carry out a difficult rescue operation. Once the vets had deemed Minty safe to sedate the fire crew then used specialist equipment to pull her out from under the trailer. Once free it was clear she had wounds from trying to struggle free and older wounds from brutal treatment in her younger life.

Once safe and back at HorseWorld Minty took a long time to recover, she had the demeanor of a horse with a broken spirit. But slowly she began to trust people and with years of gentle handling she came to enjoy being around people.

Minty has recently found the found the perfect forever home and has settled in extremely well. If you think you can offer a rescue horse a home please click here:

Severn-up's Story

When Severn-up was found abandoned and freezing to death in the Avonmouth area of Bristol HorseWorld were on the scene quickly to rescue him.

Severn-up was so weak and underweight that he couldn't stand up by himself and his rescuers had to intervene and help him up. His owner had dug a grave next to where Severn-up had fallen, clearly just waiting for him to starve to death. Our dedicated team managed to get him safely to HorseWorld where he was given emergency care to save his life.

Miraculously Severn-up pulled through and grew into a gorgeous horse! It took him a long time to trust people once he was mature and old enough, he began his ridden career and is now in a wonderful forever home!