What is Discovery?

HorseWorld’s Discovery programme helps children and young people who, for various reasons, have difficulties accessing mainstream education. Through sessions with specially selected rescued horses, the young people develop the skills needed to build resilience, improve communication skills, find their confidence and self-belief, and as a result better cope with the challenges of life.

Discovery has brought about outstanding results when nothing else has worked for the individual or the group; our horses have shown us that they have the capacity to change lives and we are seeing the evidence almost every day.

We are able to ignite a love of learning, nourish developing minds and give vulnerable children and young people hope for a brighter future.

Discovery Mission Statement

Discovery unites gentle horses with young people who are outside of mainstream education or those who face adversity in a formal school setting, with the aim of supporting them to develop essential life skills and encouraging aspirations to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

Discovery Ethos

Discovery provides a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment, in which every young person feels valued, loved and respected as a unique individual. Discovery is a non-judgemental space where each and every child, young person, adult and horse are accepted; a place where they can belong and achieve.

For more information, contact Lizy Kacou, Grants and Trusts Fundraiser at Lizy.Kacou@horseworld.org.uk