Rehoming Success Stories


When Danielle Isaacs’ two horses became inseparable she knew a good solution would be to add another horse to the pair. Despite Minty’s traumatic past, she and Danielle have formed a wonderful relationship. She says “The best part about rehoming Minty has been gaining her trust. She will stand to be cuddled and fussed for as long as possible! I adore her and my herd wouldn’t be the same without her.

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Cadmus and Beth.png

Cadmus and Beth

Why rehome 1 pony, when you can rehome 2!! "Cadmus came to us back in 2014 to be a companion to my two ponies Ed and Jake. Sadly, we lost Ed in 2019 and then Jake in March 2020 and Cadmus was very sad to be on his own. So the decision was made to have Beth! Beth arrived in the spring of 2020 and settled in very well. She and Cadmus are now the best of friends, quite like an old married couple! They give so much to our family – entertainment and affection. Just seeing their faces over the gate each morning is just the best start to the day! The best part of re-homing these two treasures is the joy and laughter that they bring to us all. I am always a better person after spending time with them." Says loaner Sally.


It was love at first sight when re-homer Megan met rescued pony Gemma! Megan had always wanted to re-home a rescue pony, so when her horse’s companion was due to move to another yard, the ideal opportunity presented itself. “Rehoming Gemma has been an absolute pleasure in all ways, but the most rewarding thing has been to see her confidence grow. She was understandably a little nervous when she came home to us but has absolutely thrived. I couldn’t imagine my life without her,” said Megan.

Gemma and Megan


As soon as he joined the Williams family herd back in 2013, Koko quickly decided he was going to stay and established himself as second in command! Sally Williams, Koko’s loaner, says “Koko is a very happy little pony, and I am so pleased he was rescued and given the chance of the life he deserves. He has been with us for many years now and has a home for life, I only wish I could have more! He quickly turned into the sweetest natured little pony I have ever met. He continues to be a pleasure and rehoming him was the best thing ever.”

Daphne and Squiggle (aka Deliah)

Daphne and daughter Squiggle (now known as Deliah) were rescued by HorseWorld in 2008. We were lucky enough to find them both a loving, forever home with loaner Wendy who originally took on Daphne, then later reunited mother and daughter and also took on Squiggle when she needed another companion. "Hearing Daphne and Deliah's history from HorseWorld, I feel so proud of them, particularly Daphne that she has put her trust in me, after such a terrible life before being rescued by HorseWorld - she has become the sweetest pony, and so deserves a happy retirement. And as for Deliah, she is such a madam, and makes me smile everyday with her antics!" Said loaner Wendy.

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Blackjack with loaner (2).jpg


Emma Shackell’s very first pony came from HorseWorld over 20 years ago, so when she was thinking of re-homing again she went straight to our website. Having experience with rescued and nervous horses, she was keen to find a pony who could be suitable for her daughter, and Blackjack was the perfect fit! “Seeing how happy he is with my other horse Trooper, and how kind and patient he is with my 1 year old daughter, has been wonderful. It’s like he’s lived here forever!” said Emma.