It's Christmas time so here at HorseWorld the horses who are waiting to be rehomed are wondering if they're on Santa's naughty or nice list...

Of course, whether they're "naughty" or nice we think they all deserve extra special love this Christmas. If you feel the same you can buy one of the HorseWorld herd a very special gift this Christmas. Whether it's a bag of carrots, a bottle of special shampoo, or a visit from the equine dentist, your gift will make a huge difference to one of the herd.

When they arrive many horses are so frightened, weak or malnourished that it can take a while for their true personalities to start to shine through. But with time to rest and heal, the expert care of our vets and equine therapists, and the love and patience of our welfare team, eventually each begins to show the quirks, traits, likes and dislikes which make them uniquely them.

The very best Christmas present would be to find their forever homes, but that’s something even Father Christmas can’t fix. So can you bring a little Christmas cheer to the ponies still waiting to find a loving family and, whether they’re on the naughty or nice list, show them that they’re loved just as they are?

We asked all of the horses who are waiting to be rehomed which list they thought they would be on this year and here's what they said... (If you'd like more information on how to rehome any of our "naughty" or nice horses, click here to learn more.)

There’s one thing all our wonderful herd have in common: the fact that they’ve overcome cruelty, neglect, abuse or trauma and are now willing to trust again.

Can you show one of our herd that they're loved this Christmas, with a special gift? We have options available from £5 up to £150 but whatever you can afford, know that you'll be making a real difference to a horse who is spending Christmas without a loving family.

Our Christmas wish for all of the horses waiting to find their forever homes is that someone sees just how wonderful they are - whether they're "naughty" or nice. (And we think you'll agree that even the "naughty" ones are just expressing their personalities!) For more information about how to rehome one of the HorseWorld herd please click here and make their Christmas wish, and ours, come true.