Rehome Me: Orion

Orion came to HorseWorld as a foal at foot in June 2015. He was part of a large group of feral horses who were rescued in a joint effort by the RSPCA, Redwings, World Horse Welfare and HorseWorld.

Orion was one of the youngest in the group when they arrived and after a few months was weaned from his mother who was in poor condition and needed additional attention. He needed a lot of very patient handling and was brought into a stable with a confident companion for a week to have intensive training and learn how to have a headcollar on and be handled.

Orion is now very happy to be around people and is very good to receive basic handling. Having been gelded, he can live out in a mixed herd and is also happy to be stabled if needed. He is growing into a fairly laid back chap but will require consistent, routine handling to ensure that he does not regress in his training.