Rehome Me: Minty

Minty arrived at HorseWorld in 2016 after being rescued by Avon and Somerset Fire Brigade. She had been found stuck under a trailer in a small pen that was full of debris and deep mud. They were able to sedate her and pull her to safety but after assessment it was clear that as well as the fresh wounds from this ordeal, Minty had suffered previous injuries that suggested she had been left tied up wearing a bit that very tight and a poorly fitting roller for a long period of time.

On arrival it was clear that Minty had mentally shut down due to the trauma she had suffered and it took a long time for her to come out of her shell. She was very mistrusting of people, especially men, but with patient, consistent handling Minty became a very friendly, loving horse.

Minty is now looking for a loan home as a non-ridden companion. Due to physical issues she is not suitable for ridden work. She has a very sweet nature but can get very stressed so needs a confident, competent handler. She can get attached to her companions so would only be able to live somewhere where she has constant equine companionship.