Rehome Me: Mini

This attractive little mare was rescued in August 2015 as a foal at foot. She was part of a very large group of feral horses that have been particularly tricky to train as they were so fearful of people. Mini and her mother (Kia) were not in good condition and it looked as if Kia's milk had dried up, the pair were quickly separated from their family group so they could receive more care and feed.

Mini was incredibly persistent at evading having a human touch her head! But once that vital step was achieved without force she very quickly progressed through initial training until she could receive basic handling. She is now very friendly and good to handle but still requires an experienced person to help continue her education.

Being a native type she is hardy so could live out 24/7 or be stabled if required. She will be prone to weight gain once mature and will go through fencing that is not robust!