Rehome Me: Grace

Grace came to HorseWorld in 2017 with her son Poet and another pony called William. Poet was well past the age of being weaned and so once they had settled in they were separated so that Grace could regain her independence. On arrival Grace was very nervous of people and did not enjoy being handled, however, with patient, consistent training she is now more confident around people.

Grace can now be caught and groomed, although she does not overly enjoy being fussed and may take some time to build a relationship with a new person. She can be trimmed by the farrier and has been good to treat by the vet and the dentist. Grace can live out year-round but does require constant equine companionship as she can get very anxious when alone. Due to her breed she can be prone to weight gain in spring and summer months so will need restricted grazing.

Grace is looking for a loving, understanding loan home where she can be in a routine and have consistent handling to further improve her confidence.