Rehome Me: Cooper

Cooper came to HorseWorld in August 2015 when he was a yearling, he was from a very large rescue. There were many family groups of stallions, mares and foals. All of them were very nervous of people and as some of the older horses were highly reactive it has taken a long time to work through the group gaining their trust.

His little family group were particularly bad so it took a long time to be able to start handling him. Once he was a little more used to people we managed to separate him along with two other colts and begin his training. He took a little time to progress to the point we could have him castrated, but is now good to receive basic handling. He can still be unsure of people and needs to continue his education with somebody with time and experience. He has lived in mixed groups since castration without issue and can live out 24/7 or be stabled. As he matures he will likely need restricted summer grazing due to his breed and size.

Placement fee; £100