Rehome Me: Cherrie

Cherrie's previous owner bought her after she had been passed from pillar to post and had obviously received some very hard treatment at some point, unfortunately a change in circumstances meant her owner could no longer spend the time with Cherrie that was needed.

On arrival it was clear that this poor horse had been beaten; she was absolutely terrified of people and could not be touched at all on her off side. Although she could be led she was petrified when going through doorways and gates.

Cherrie has received lots of training while with us so she can now have basic handling and have her feet trimmed. However she is still very nervous of people and needs considerate handling.

We are looking for a special home for this wonderful girl where she can have the all the love and understanding that she needs. She is a good doer and can live out year round without rugs or hard feed. She can live in a mixed herd (and can still be caught!) and could possibly be left alone for short periods of time. As she is so affected by her past any applicants will have to have experience in rehabilitating horses with behavioural issues.