About Re-homing

HorseWorld has horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes in need of new, loving homes - either to be ridden or to be re-homed as companion animals.

Once a horse or pony has been fully rehabilitated and are ready to be re-homed, their details are added to an on-line database where prospective loaners are able to submit an application for their preferred animal.

Prospective loaners are invited to HorseWorld to meet the horse or pony, so that the re-homing Team can assess their equine ability and experience and ensure that they will be a perfect match. Some horses are more suitable for experienced owners only, due to the circumstances that brought them to HorseWorld. Others make

When an animal is re-homed, HorseWorld retains legal ownership to ensure its continued welfare, and the charity’s Re-homing Team is available to provide advice and support to the Loaner. In certain circumstances animals may have their legal ownership transferred to other bodies or individuals.