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The issue of fly-grazed and abandoned horses in Avonmouth, Bristol is on-going. The vast majority of horses we at HorseWorld are rescuing, have come from this environment. These poor horses are being left to starve, escape and  wander in the roads to get hit by vehicles. They are left in pain and suffering. They breed and so the problem continues to escalate. We cannot cope with a problem of this scale, we are fighting a losing battle. We are now full to capacity!

The amendments to the Control of Horses Act that became law last year now mean that local authorities and land owners have the power to take positive action to address the issue of fly-grazing. Previously, owners of fly-grazed horses had to be given 14 days’ notice to remove them. This has now been shortened to 96 hours. Abandoned horses previously had to be sold at a market or public auction. They now can be sold through private sale or rehomed.

Many land owners do not realise that when a horse is on their land, it is the responsibility of the land owner. If that horse causes an accident, the land owner could be liable for damages. Many horses escape onto the roads from fly-grazed land. Drivers often have to take evasive action to avoidthem. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious road accident involving both human and equine casualties.

We are urging local councils and land owners to issue eviction notices the moment they notice animals illegally grazing on their land and take action to remove and rehome the horses if they are not claimed within 96 hours.

We are also urging the police to hold the owners of these horses accountable for breaking the law.

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