Distressed horse forced to give birth whilst tethered by the neck

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Catena and Salisbury look like a perfectly normal mare and foal, contented and grazing but Salisbury's entry into the world was traumatic for both mother and baby.

The pair were rescued by Equine Rescue Charity; HorseWorld in May this year after Catena had been forced to give birth whilst tethered.

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Fireman Ham makes a comeback

A pig who helps train the Avon Fire and Rescue Service has come out of retirement to make a guest appearance at one of their training sessions at animal rescue charity, HorseWorld...

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Three day old foal rescued from a ditch and given a new mum

A three-day-old foal has been rescued from a ditch and after unsuccessful attempts to reunite him with his mother, has now found a surrogate mother who is bringing him up as her own....

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