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Rescued pony finds her freedom in donated life-saving mask

A rescued pony in Bristol has found her freedom again this week thanks to a company that make special eye masks for horses....

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Horse charity appeals for life-saving eye mask to be returned

Staff at HorseWorld in Bristol are hoping that an expensive eye mask stolen from a rescued pony with eye problems will be returned. Beatty, who was rescued in 2004, has an eye condition which means that she has to wear a special mask to block UV rays...

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Horse found collapsed, emaciated and beaten until his bones fractured is now healthy and ready to meet the public at the HorseWorld Charity Open Day on Saturday 25th June.

Twiglet, whose life has hung in the balance for many months, is now finally able to live life almost as a normal youngster. Twiglet was found collapsed and emaciated on an industrial estate in Avonmouth last August....

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Over 1,700 Visitors come to HorseWorld's Open Day

Animal rescue charity, HorseWorld held a special day where supporters could see behind the scenes of a busy working rescue centre last Saturday and meet the rescued horses. The stable yard was bustling as people came to look around HorseWorld's rehab...

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Rescued foal, Joey is now strong enough to meet people at HorseWorld's Charity Open Day

A seven-month-old foal, rescued in an emaciated state from a muddy ditch back in February is now fit and strong enough to meet the public....

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