A horse is for life, not your convenience charity fears winter will see more rejected horses than ever.

Staff at a leading animal welfare charity fear this winter will see them having to turn away more requests to take on animals than ever before. Bristol-based HorseWorld, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals in need, too often finds itself having to decline requests from people who want the charity to take a horse off their hands.

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Young horse found in the road starved, beaten and with a fractured back and neck is set to make a full recovery

A young emaciated horse estimated to be around 18 months old and the victim of an astounding act of cruelty, has been rescued by animal welfare charity, HorseWorld after they were alerted to the plight of the animal by a concerned member of the publ...

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New Guidance Launched on Grazing Muzzles use

HorseWorld and other equine charities have identified the need for impartial guidance on the issue of when and how to use grazing muzzles responsibly. It's a dilemma that is faced by many horse owners every year, especially now the autumn flush of gr...

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