Arr: 19.08.15

DOB: Unknown

Height: Approx 13 hh

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Breed: Welsh cob type

This beautiful mare came into HorseWorld in August 2015 as part of a huge group of feral horses – this included stallions and mares with foals. Sierra had a colt foal at foot when she arrived – and they were both extremely frightened and reactive to people. Sierra probably was the worst out of all this group. Her foal successfully was weaned when old enough and it was apparent that she would be expecting another one soon.

Sierra was paired up with other mares we believed to be pregnant and allowed to settle, she gave birth to a healthy filly in the spring which we then weaned at 7 months. Sierra is still very wary of people and as yet has not been touched and she will not accept food from the hand, but she is now much more relaxed around people and does not run away when carrying out routine tasks around her.