Arr: 24.02,17

DOB: Approx: 1995


Colour: Bay

Sex: mare

Breed: Thoroughbred cross type

Sapphire (named this as it was our 65th anniversary year on her arrival) was rescued at the end of February 2017. She had been abandoned on land adjacent to River Severn in Avonmouth, this is a very exposed and bleak place in the winter and previously horses have died there from neglect, and from becoming trapped in treacherous sinking mud on the edge of the river. Sapphire was in a pretty bad way, she was very thin and so infested with lice she had lost big patches of hair, she also had a swollen udder so we believed she may have recently had a foal.

Sapphire was extremely wary of people which made her rescue in such a large area very tricky. Over the course of a couple of weeks (and with the help of a member of the public) we managed to gain her trust enough to feed her and put a head collar on. However if she saw more than one person at a time she would become very agitated and would not let anyone near her again so we had to put some medication into a feed to mildly sedate her and travel her back to HorseWorld.

We have continued to struggle to gain Saffy’s trust, and she was petrified of being brought into the stables. Luckily she is more relaxed now around people but is still wary of being caught so needs consistent and careful handling. She also has a tumour on one of her ovaries - although this is not currently causing her an issue she is unlikely to ever be rehomed.