Arr: 13.09.16

DOB: Approx 1990

Height: 13.2HH

Colour: Bay

Sex: Mare

Breed: thoroughbred type

Rue was part of a large group of horses in Avonmouth that needed to be cleared. HorseWorld took in the last 3 from this herd - Rue, Katniss and foal Peeta in Septmber 2016. They were named after characters in the book and film The Hunger Games as they were the last 3 – basically the unwanted ones but had survived horrible conditions.

Rue is an old girl and was very thin, when her teeth were examined we found so many problems that the dentist described them as a “train wreck” and only two teeth are even remotely usable to chew. She is now kept in fields where there is plenty of grass for her to eat. She is also given a feed that has been soaked into a mash so she can digest the food better. She put on over 20kgsin the first few weeks but will need close monitoring to ensure she is getting enough food and keeping her weight up.