Pilgrim came to HorseWorld in January 2016 with a filly called Grace. They had been picked up the night before by Bushy and Willesley vet group after a report of two horses straying on the road with severe injuries. The initial concern was that they had been hit by a car as Pilgrim had multiple wounds in various locations on his body. It turned out that Pilgrim had old and new wounds and scarring over his body which, after a closer look, we concluded were more likely injuries he had sustained from a cart harness and falling when being raced on the road. He also had strange scars over the top and sides of his neck which indicate scarring likely caused by burns and/or a neck tether.

Despite the obvious past mistreatment Pilgrim settled in well at HorseWorld and was happy to be handled and receive treatment, fortunately he made a good recovery but his scars still need some attention to prevent the skin from cracking. He was castrated in February 2016 and has lived with older and younger colts and geldings.

Pilgrim has a very sweet nature and is easy to handle and look after. We are currently using Bio oil on his scars with great success.

Despite concerns that his accident might affect him physically in the future, Pilgrim recently passed a vet check and was given the all clear from the physiotherapist to start the backing process. After four months of groundwork, during which time he learned to wear a saddle and be long-reined, he was sat on twice before being turned away for six months. He will be brought back into work towards the end of the year.