Rehome Me: Oreo

Oreo is a super cute little pony who arrived at HorseWorld in September 2014 after being abandoned. He was four years old and still entire and although apparent he has received some handling in the past he would display coltish behaviour towards people and other ponies.

Oreo was quickly castrated and introduced to geldings, he has integrated well and will socialise and share hay. Oreo has been introduced to mares and will show stallion like behaviour so is only suitable to live with geldings, he will also display 'rig' like behaviour especially during the spring.

This is a clever little pony and by treating him with respect he quickly progressed and is now very friendly and is easy to catch in the field and will come over to say hello, he is very good to be handled by adults. However he will show stallion like behaviour and is not suitable to be handled by novices and children or to have small children or dogs in his field. He is a confident chap and has been long reined and taken out in traffic so has potential to make a good driving pony.

Oreo is hardy and healthy and can live out year round without rugs or hard feed but also enjoys coming into a stable for periods of time if needed. He has been fine without equine company for short periods in both the stable and field so could make a good companion to a ridden pony. He needs a home with appropriate fencing and ideally used to Shetland ponies, as he is a native type and a good doer we will only consider a home where he can share a field with a pony with similar grazing requirements.