Arr: 06.09.16

DOB: 2013

Height: 14.3 hh

Colour: Black

Sex: Mare

Breed: Thoroughbred type

On the evening of 6th September 2016, HorseWorld received a call from the police requesting assistance with a young mare who was stuck under a trailer in Avonmouth. On arrival it was obvious the horse was in a great deal of pain and stuck fast! Avon and Somerset Fire Service Animal Rescue team and also HorseWorld’s vets B&W Equine were called immediately. After being assessed poor Minty was deemed healthy enough to be sedated to enable fire-fighters to complete the rescue and using specialised rescue equipment she was finally freed. The environment resembled a waste-ground, littered with rubbish, gas canisters and upturned cars all 18” deep in muck. Minty had been locked in a pen made of mesh fencing and the old trailer she was stuck under she had been using as her shelter.

Minty was filthy and covered in cuts and grazes from her ordeal, once she was standing it was clear that she also had older injuries which suggested she had been through an awful lot in her young life. Her mouth had been badly cut inside and in the corners apparent that a bit had been left in her mouth, pulled tightly for some time, and there were sores over her back where it appears some sort of training roller had been left on. Whoever owned Minty had been using some very brutal and painful training techniques.

Arriving at HorseWorld it was obvious Minty had no trust in humans, particularly men, but with quiet handling she quickly showed she was a gentle and affectionate mare who just loves having cuddles. She has taken some time adjusting to life at HorseWorld as she was very frightened of walking through gateways or over changes in surface (from grass to concrete) but her new found trust in people has helped her make great progress.

As she began to recover her belly took on a suspicious roundness and sure enough a blood test revealed that she will be expecting a new arrival in the spring! She gave birth to a beautiful filly foal in February but was a little unsure about being a mother. The filly was named Rayne as she was born is very bad weather and both are doing really well.