Arr: 13.06.17

DOB: 14.05.05

Height: 39 inches

Colour: Appaloosa

Sex: Mare

Breed: Shetland/Miniature

Megan was rescued in the summer of 2017 along with 6 other ponies. She had been kept with a stallion and was obviously pregnant. Due to the large size of her belly we thought she was close to foaling but she did not give birth until October! Megan has probably had lots of foals in her life so has a huge belly with not much muscle tone to it. She had a little filly that we named Perdy (reference to 101 dalmations) and Megan is being a great mum.

Blood tests have shown these ponies to have some liver and muscle enzyme issues; which is believed to be a result of eating poisonous plants. The mares that aren’t pregnant or recently foaled will have a course of steroid treatments to help them recover.