Martie came in to HorseWorld in 2013 with two other ponies when he was only about five months old. They had been found wandering on the roads in Winterbourne and were going to be put to sleep if we did not take them in. Despite all arriving with lice and worms, the other two ponies quickly became healthy enough to go out into the field. However, Martie started to go downhill a couple of months after arriving. He spent a lot of time in the stable and was kept under close observation by the vet to try and determine the cause of his poor health. It was suspected to be some sort of stomach problem possibly caused by a high worm burden and he had many courses of antibiotics to help improve his health. Fortunately the medication started to work and he gradually got better, although still needs his diet monitoring.

Martie has recently been full of life and is a cute, energetic little cob. However, potentially due to his bad start, he has recently suffered with breathing and skin problems. Martie is therefore likely to stay as a resident here at HorseWorld.