Rehome Me: Lunar

This lovely little pony was born at HorseWorld in April 2013 to a grey Sect A that was rescued from straying on the road. It was believed that a group of feral ponies were deliberately released onto the roads to cause trouble to the local council. It is unknown what breed the stallion was but it appears there may have been some cob breeding due to her build and feathering.

Lunar has grown up on the farm mixing with various different horses so is well socialised. She is good to handle but is a still a typical youngster and has only received basic handling. She is prone to weight gain and due to her size and breed will need to be kept on restricted grazing.

As Lunar is too small to be backed at HorseWorld we are looking for a companion home or a home where she can be brought on to ride or drive. Any potential loaner looking to take on a youngster will need to show they are competent by handling them and also tacking up and doing some ground work with a more established horse.

Placement fee:£100