Arr: 13.09.16

DOB: 2015


Colour: Bay

Sex: Mare

Breed: Pacer x Thoroughbred type

Katniss was part of a large group of horses in Avonmouth that needed to be cleared. HorseWorld took in the last 3 from this herd - Rue, Katniss and foal Peeta in Septmber 2016. They were named after characters in the book and film The Hunger Games as they were the last 3 – basically the unwanted ones but had survived horrible conditions.

Katniss was wild as a hare on arrival - in fact it took several attempts to get her to the farm as she had a habit of jumping barriers and galloping off. With patient care from the dedicated staff she started trusting people and can now receive basic handling, in fact she is now a little too friendly and will chase the other horses away to keep all the attention on her!

This gorgeous mare will hopefully have great potential as a riding horse when old enough but is still a long way from being ready to start training.