Arr: 28.05.09

DOB: 2004

Height: 9hh

Colour: Grey

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Hinny

Frank came to HorseWorld in 2009 when he was five years old. He had been found wandering on the road and was herded into a dairy farm. The farming family thought he was a donkey and initially wanted to keep him but after being unable to get anywhere near him they called HorseWorld. When he arrived Frank was very defensive and it was clear from his behaviour that he had been badly treated in the past and handled aggressively. White hairs on his hind legs and between his ears indicate scarring that was probably caused by being tethered.

When he arrived it was also determined that Frank was not a donkey. He is a Hinney which is similar to a mule in that one of his parents was a donkey and the other a pony. The difference is that a Hinney has a pony father and a donkey mother, whereas a mule is the other way around.

After years of very patient and consistent handling from the staff, Frank has become much more trusting of people. He lived at the visitors centre until it closed, where he really enjoyed being exercised and one to one training with the grooms. He now lives at the welfare yard and is normally turned out with a big herd of horses. Despite still being wary of new people, especially men, Frank is now a much happier Hinney.