Arr: 13.06.17

DOB: 18.05.06

Height: 38 inches

Colour: Appaloosa

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Shetland/Miniature

Empire was rescued in the summer of 2017 along with 6 other miniature pony mares. He had been used as a breeding stallion and several of the other ponies were pregnant on arrival. Although Empire was very good with his mares and great with people he would be extremely aggressive to any horses in an adjoining field.After castration he began to settle and we systematically put him next to other horses that would just ignore his behaviour – he soon stopped charging the fences and became much happier!

Sadly it seems that the ponies have eaten toxic plants in the past which has caused them some issues. Empire is currently on a course of steroids to help him recover and he is making an excellent recovery.