Arr: 24.09.06

DOB: 16.06.94

Height: 16.2hh

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Breed: Thoroughbred

Cherokee arrived in 2006 as a 12 year old after his owner moved away and the remaining family were unable to handle him. He was originally bought as a Point to Point racer but didn’t perform as well as expected and so was retired from racing. The family were unable to sell him as he is a very sensitive horse who could be aggressive and had little trust in people so he was brought to HorseWorld.

When he arrived he was very defensive and it took a lot of time and patient, experienced handling for the staff to be able to handle Cherokee at all. Due to his nature it was decided to retire him from any sort of work and over the years he has become a lot more trusting of staff and is able to be handled for day to day tasks. He still doesn’t like being touched or fussed but is a happy and healthy horse who loves being out in the field with his companions who will live out the rest of his days at HorseWorld.