Bingo is a 10hh is a skewbald Shetland pony gelding. He was rescued and brought to Horseworld because he was not being cared for properly, he had very overgrown and painful feet, which took a long time to heal. Bingo is a very cute pony who is not able to be ridden due to his foot problems.

However he can often be seen on the yard covered in ribbons and bows with pig tails and plaits all over him. He has done some wonderful work with students who have difficulties with mobility. He can be handled, long reigned and led from a walking frame.

Nothing seems to phase Bingo. Well almost nothing! Being separated from his best friend and partner in crime Burdock can be tough for Bingo. These two little Shetlands are always together in the field and they even share a stable when they come in to the yard.