Rescued Shire Horse needs a special rug

In November last year, horse rescue charity HorseWorld teamed up with 5 other equine rescue organisations to rescue a large group of abandoned Shire horses. During the 15-hour rescue operation, all 19 horses were successfully removed and taken into the care of the charities.

Three of them were taken back to HorseWorld. An elderly mare named Florin, a young filly named Lolly and a slightly older mare named Dime.

“Florin is quite arthritic and doesn’t have many teeth left” said HorseWorld’s Vicky Greenslade. “She wouldn’t have survived the winter without special feed and care. Lolly has problems with her hind legs that the vet is monitoring as she grows. It may be a neurological problem that isn’t going to get better or it may be a result of being malnourished at a young age.

“Dime is the healthiest of the three but she has had her tail docked to almost nothing so she cannot relieve herself of the flies that pester and bite horses during the summer months. We toyed with the idea of making hair extensions for her but there is not enough bone left in her tail to lift it and swish it around. The bone has been amputated right up to the top. Some hair may grow a bit but without the tailbone (which would normally be about the length of your forearm), she cannot lift or move any hair that might grow and therefore cannot move it enough to swat flies.

“We would like to buy her a special fly rug to keep the flies off of her but she is so big, it has to be specially ordered for her. We'd like to raise £70 to buy this so we’ve set up an appeal here; A RUG FOR DIME Any extra funds raised will be used to care for and feed the other 104 rescued horses on site.”

The three Shire horses will be in a paddock next to the main stable yard at HorseWorld’s Open Day on Saturday 23rd June. The event in Whitchurch, Bristol is FREE to enter from 10.30am until 4.00pm and visitors will be able to meet many of the rescued horses, see demonstrations and take tours around the farm. For more details, please visit or call 01275 832425.

Below is a video of Dime trying desperately to rid herself of flies with her almost non-existent tail.

Posted on: 18th June 2018