Gentle Giants meet their supporters

Horse rescue charity HorseWorld were recently paid a visit by supporter, Sarah Pitt and her husband, Dave Parkinson who made a large donation towards the rehabilitation of three heavy horses that the charity rescued in November.

“We are very grateful for the help of supporters like Sarah and Dave.” said HorseWorld’s Fundraising Manager, Stephen Poole. “These are very large horses, all of which needed veterinary treatment on arrival and two of them will need considerably more care in the coming months. They are very expensive to look after and Sarah and Dave’s donation will be a great help towards these costs.”

HorseWorld was originally founded to rescue working horses that were being replaced by vehicles and machinery so the charity used to rescue many heavy horses but now they are few and far between. As there are not many working horses now, the majority of horses rescued in recent years are the result of abandonment, cruelty and neglect. This particular group of Shire Horses were part of a large rescue involving six horse rescue charities working together.

Sarah Pitt commented, “I visited HorseWorld for the first time today and I was so impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the way they show so much care to so many horses and donkeys and help turn their lives around. After such a difficult winter the yards and site looked so tidy and the animals well fed and content.

“I had gone to meet three Shire horses that were rescued recently and to see how they were doing. The answer is that with the great care and attention that is being shown them by the staff, grooms, and volunteers, they are doing very well now. Shire horses are not as common as they once were when they ploughed the fields and did heavy work on farms before tractors took over between the Wars. Every Shire Horse is precious now (there are less than 1,000 Shires in the UK today). I feel very sure that these three horses have the best chance of a safe and secure future, supported by HorseWorld and with the help of public donations they so vitally need.

“This charity has served Bristol well for over sixty years, overcoming cruelty with kindness - long may it continue.”

To find out more about HorseWorld’s rescue work or to make a donation, please visit or call 01275 832425.

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 18th April 2018