An inspirational visitor for HorseWorld

An animal rescue centre in Bristol had a visit from an inspirational lady. Sarah Williams visited HorseWorld to present a cheque for £100 towards HorseWorld’s rescue work and Discovery Courses.

Sarah was born with Marfan Syndrome - a connective tissue disorder that affects the eyes, heart and feet, which has rendered her almost blind and makes walking difficult. She doesn’t let this stand in her way. Sarah founded a charity called ‘Smiling Eyes International’, a voluntary charity set up to help children and families in need through a variety of projects which has so far raised more than £40,000 for over 200 causes at home and abroad. She has spent over 20 years working with under-privileged children around the world and was touched when she read about HorseWorld’s rescued horses helping disadvantaged children who are outside of mainstream schooling through a program of equine facilitated learning.

Horses are also very close to Sarah’s heart. ““I rode at 'Riding for the Disabled' for 7 years and competed in the Regional and National Blind Dressage Championships.” She said. “I have always loved horses and wanted to support the rescue work that HorseWorld do.”

Sarah raises the money for various different charities by completing challenges. One of these challenges was to take up 20 hobbies and interests and give £100 to 20 animal charities. This isn’t the first time she has raised money for HorseWorld. In 2010, Sarah completed a tandem bike ride from Severn Beach to Chepstow Racecourse and raised £150 for HorseWorld. This money was used for rugs and medication for 3 retired and abandoned horses.

“Sarah is a truly inspirational person.” Said HorseWorld’s Fundraising Manager, Stephen Poole. “She has travelled all over the world completing her challenges. She doesn’t let her disabilities hold her back. We were honoured to be one of the charities she chooses to support and very grateful for the donation.”

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Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 12th March 2018