Horse rescue charity volunteer awarded Ambassador Status by legendary horse whisperer, Monty Roberts

A volunteer at Bristol-based horse rescue charity, HorseWorld has received an award for 44 years’ service. Lin Horwood who has been working with rescued horses at the charity’s farm in Whitchurch since she was 11 years old, was delighted to be presented with a certificate naming her as an Ambassador for the charity by legendary horse whisperer, Monty Roberts.

Monty who is based in California, is also a championship horse trainer, best-selling author and Hollywood stunt man. He and his UK protégé, Kelly Marks are currently touring the country giving educational demonstrations. Both Monty and Kelly are Patrons of HorseWorld.

“We wanted to recognise Lin’s efforts.” Said Managing Director, Mark Owen. “She is such a well-known face at HorseWorld and has been here longer than any of us. Her love for the animals and the bonds she has with them are something to be admired. She has a kind and gentle manner with the animals and they all trust her.”

Known as ‘The donkey lady’, Lin has always had a love for the donkeys and can spend hours talking to people about them. Among many others, she can often be found taking care of a rescued Shetland pony called Nazia who came all the way from Greece after being severely neglected. With Lin’s love and care, the two have developed a very special bond.

Most recently, Lin has been volunteering with HorseWorld’s Discovery Courses, helping young people who for various reasons are outside of mainstream schooling.

Lin has admired Monty’s work for many years as his calm and gentle techniques and belief that no animal should experience violence are something that Lin feels very strongly about. “I was very surprised but honoured to be presented with the certificate” Said Lin.

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Article By: Amy Williams

Posted on: 24th October 2016