New year, new start for horse found in supermarket car park

A young horse who was found in a supermarket car park along with four other horses is looking forward to a very happy new year. Bambino has found a loving new loan home after living at animal rescue charity, HorseWorld, for the last three years.


HorseWorld staff were called out to rescue the five horses from a supermarket car park in Bradley Stoke, Bristol, when Bambino was just eighteen months old. The group of horses had been rounded up on the roads by the police on several occasions before so were taken back to the charity’s welfare department at Whitchurch, near Bristol.     


The owners were traced by the police and warned to fence them in properly in future. However HorseWorld staff were not happy with the condition of two of the horses.


Vera, a New Forest pony in poor condition, was expecting a foal. She had been ear-notched and branded for identification and was extremely nervous. The charity believed there were enough grounds for her to be seized from her owners.


The other was Bambino. The youngster was underweight, under developed and had scars where a poorly fitting harness had been used in the past. Despite this, there were not enough legal grounds to seize him so HorseWorld were only too relieved when his owners came to collect the other three but did not want Bambino and left him behind.


Since being at HorseWorld, both Bambino and Vera have been given the time, correct nutrition and gentle training to grow and develop properly.


HorseWorld Equine Training Manager Jessie Rushbrooke said: “At four years old, Bambino has now started his training as a ridden horse. Bambino is restricted to hacking only with a lightweight rider due to his poor start in life. But he takes everything in his stride and is proving to be super horse.”


Bambino is set for a new home in the new year as he is due to move in with new loaner Nicole Park from Oxfordshire (pictured).


People who are interested in rehoming a horse from HorseWorld can find details – and sign up to be notified when animals become available here.


First published; 28th December 2011

Article by: Amy Williams

Posted on: 1st July 2014