Discover Wellbeing

We are introducing a new course called Discover Wellbeing which will support 40 young people affected by mental illness to feel empowered on their journey to improved mental health by giving them the opportunity to learn horse-care while developing a special bond with gentle rescued horses. This has been proven to reduce stress and promote well-being, calmness, concentration, and confidence.

We have recently won a £5,000 grant to enable us to run these courses.

The video at the bottom of this page gives you an insight into the Discovery courses we currently run.

If you haven't heard about our Discovery Courses, this is what they are all about. Young people who are outside of mainstream schooling due to learning disabilities or behavioural difficulties work alongside rescued horses in a structured 6 week program.

• Those who struggle to communicate can find working with horses helps them learn about themselves, enabling them to interact more positively with others
• Those who find it hard to concentrate or to control their impulses can focus on a horse for long periods while grooming or leading the animal.
• Withdrawn students often begin to express themselves, developing words or gestures they haven’t previously used.

Discovery can have particular benefits for young people within the autistic spectrum and those with ADHD.

Studies show that the rescued horses chosen to take part, enjoy the sessions with the children. Heart rate monitors show that the horses relax and are happy to receive the attention.

Feedback from teachers, mentors and social workers has shown that young people who have taken part demonstrate an increased capability to take part in educational activities.

Please help us to help more children benefit from working alongside rescued horses by donating here. Thank you.


Below is a short video to give you an insight into the Discovery Courses.