Adopt Me: Benjamin & Bluebell

These donkeys arrived in 2005 they originally came from the New Forest where they faced an uncertain future.

Set up your Monthly Adoption

Adoptions are a great way to support the ongoing work of HorseWorld in supporting your new friend and providing care for all the horses, ponies, donkies and other animals we look after.

Prefer to make a one-off adoption payment?

Adopt Benjamin & Bluebell for £2.00 per month.

They live within the rest of the donkey herd and enjoy attending our open days, meeting their adopters and showing off their adorable personalities.

You will receive:

  1. A cuddly version of your favourite animal in a presentation gift box.
  2. A colourful certificate detailing your chosen animal’s story.
  3. Regular updates on your adopted animal’s progress.
  4. Opportunities to visit your animal at HorseWorld on open days.
  5. A double sided keyring & photograph.

There is also a range of adoption merchandise available in our online shop here

Please allow up to 14 days for your parcel to arrive. If there is an urgency for the adoption please make a note on the order so it can be shipped in time.

Please note adoption certificate images may vary.