Rescued horses and ponies have often suffered neglect or abuse and many show signs of psychological or physical trauma.

Each animal needs an individual programme of rehabilitation which often includes veterinary care, dentistry and farriery as well as handling and training to improve their chances of eventually being re-homed.

New arrivals at HorseWorld are isolated for three weeks before work begins to assess each animal's state of fitness and individual needs.

Expert staff then begin training, working to improve fitness and behavioural issues in partnership with vets, chiropractors and dentists.

HorseWorld's Strengthening and Retraining programme aims to bring each horse to the peak of fitness that it can achieve. In rare straightforward cases this might take three months, but between six months to two years is more common.

In some cases, horses will have suffered such problems that they will have to remain at HorseWorld for the rest of their lives.


HorseWorld has horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes in need of new, loving homes - either to be ridden or to be re-homed as companion animals. For a full list click here.

Once a horse or pony has been fully rehabilitated and are ready to be re-homed, their details are added to an on-line database where prospective Loaners are able to submit an application for their preferred animal.

Prospective Loaners are invited to HorseWorld to meet the horse or pony, so that the Re-homing Team can assess their equine ability and experience and ensure that they will be a perfect match.